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Welcome to our experiment...

If the 2016 election cycle taught us one thing it is that we can no longer relay on the traditional "news" organizations for reliable journalism. From print to television to the web, the organizations that purport to be "news" organizations have shed any last vestiges of a pretense at serving society and now service only the needs of those who pay them. Even news items that seem to be free of bias are not - facts are omitted, headlines are misleading, and sometimes pure speculation is inserted where facts should be..

A large part of this problem is due to we the people. We consume their "news" and they make money to continue their agenda. We want our titillation and we are willing to overlook or ignore the corruption of our political process in order to get it - but this isn't the whole story. We are only inheriting a mess that started with the inceptions of this nation.

Our forefathers established a system of government in this country with the aspirations of a democratically-based federal republic. A union of independent states with a common economic foundation, a common defense and a unifying, common set of rights based on the unalienable liberty of the individual with the nation. Their ideals were noble, their goals were noble, and America is arguable is still the best place to live on the planet. However, the aspirations aside what they actually implemented was a broad oligarchy which primarily serviced white, landed men. The framework our forefathers laid down is still there, we ("the people") still can wrest control of our government back from the partisan, wealthy elite - all we need to do is intelligently exercise our right to vote. But in order to do that we need to get past the spin, past the muck, past the newly-coined "fake news" (a label now being applied to actual news if it doesn't align with party ideology or government intent), and down to the honest facts.

The goal of our little experiment here is to establish a source for those facts without the confusing noise and misinformation of partisan politics and see if that can help restore some integrity to our poltical process. This site is entirely operated without any funding, without any advertising and without any linkage to any political group, ideology, etc. Our contributors are merely citizens who in spite of biases, preferences or political ties are dedicated to the proposition that given honest information, the people will prove to be better at guiding the nation than those the politicians and oligarchs.