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'Undermining the troops?'
""They're not supporting the troops. They're undermining them."
--- Dick Cheney in Speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition
This is the real question of our day. Are we as a nation, by allowing and even endorsing the defeatist, anti-war mentality undermining our troops? Are we undermining the very security of our nation?

It's time to take our electoral process back! Our forefathers established a system of government in this country with the pretensions of a democratically based republic. Their ideals were noble, their goals were noble, the outcome is still the best place to live on the planet. However, what they actually implemented was a broad oligarchy which initially serviced white, landed men. The framework our forefathers laid down is still there, we ("the people") still can wrest control of our government back from the partisan elite - all we need to do is intelligently exercise our right to vote.

The two major parties in this country do everything in their power to exclude the 'third' parties from actually competing in the full electoral process - did you ever ask yourself why? The answer is quite simple - look what Ross Perot did in 1992 and Jesse Ventura did in 1998. Had Perot not used his wealth and power to get his message out there enough to force his inclusion in the debates, Clinton would never have beaten Bush, economy or not. Jesse Ventura took it one step further - he won. In an almost unheard of manner - without massive money and campaign contributions, he wrested control of the highest office in the state of Minnesota from the political machine that thought it had complete control, forever changing the face of political contests in the state of Minnesota.

All it takes is a little effort to find out what the real issues are - not the spin that the major parties feed to us. Our Representatives should be picked to represent our issues, not the issues of major campaign contributors or the will of their party leadership.

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